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Travel Insurance

Having once had an accident while traveling in a foreign country, Iím a confirmed believer in travel insurance. You may want the extra peace of mind.

What is it and do you need it? Depending on your age, health, travel plans, world politics, El Nina, personal luck, etc., you need to examine whatís available and decide for yourself. Your travel agent may not be able to answer all your questions or understand their ramifications. Better to contact an agent directly, ask all those questions - silly or not - and know what it is exactly that youíre paying for and if you need that or perhaps something else.

There is a large selection of policies and plans as well as underwriters in the business of protecting your investment, property and health while traveling abroad. Here are just a few companies that can give you a better understanding of whatís available and appropriate for you and your traveling companions. You can always request copies of their Travel Insurance Certificate before deciding which plan adequately suits your situation.

Access America (800) 284 8300

CSA Travel Protection (800) 873 9855

Travel Safe - Single, annual and ski policies from Travel Insurance World

Compare Travel Insurance - Compare over 40 travel insurance plans from the top providers and buy immediately or use our comprehensive research features.

Holiday Insurance Shop - Compare holiday insurance quotes from the top online providers

J.N. Grace & Co.

Travel Guard International (800) 826 1300

Travel Insurance Services (800) 937 1387

World Travel Center (800) 786 5566

Some questions that you may have:

What are the pre-existing conditions that may void your trip cancellation coverage?
What eventualities are covered to justify trip cancellation? What if your companion becomes ill, is your cancellation covered as well?
When does coverage begin and end?
What are the exclusions, general and otherwise? What countries arenít covered, what types of tickets, etc.
What services are available and when are they available? 24-hour hotline?
Medical repatriation - when, where, who decides?
Liability and legal representation - does your homeownerís policy cover this in foreign countries?

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