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Luxury holiday ideas - vacation rental Paris house boat

View of Bir_Heikem and Passy from the deck of Bateau Simpatico
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Luxury holidays for seasoned travellers usually offer more than merely an extra mesure of comfort and style. Among those unique holiday ideas for your next vacation in Paris, consider the romance and charm of a séjour on an authentic Parisian river boat moored on the left bank of the Seine in the Port de Suffren. The tree-lined entrance to the port and cobblestone quai give easy access to our deck-terrasse, with an expansive view of the river and the Beaux-Arts architecture of Passy on the opposite bank. Enjoy the calm and beauty of the Seine in the City of Light as you sip cocktails in the evening or coffee in the morning reawakening with the colors of dawn and life on the river. Visiting Paris, you may decide to take the boat-bus (which embarks close by) up river to the Orsay Museum or Notre Dame, or another quai and quarter in one of the oldest port-cities of Europe. Left bank or right bank, walk into town and discover Paris from the perspective of travelers long ago. Coming home is easy, even if you've forgotten the way. Just ask for the Eiffel Tower.

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