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"The Seine is the only street in Paris where everyone knows each other."

Over the years, as government subsidies to the railroad have placed the French mariner on the endangered species list, working barges have gone to the scrap yard in large numbers. Some were rescued by the young and foolhardy reclaiming a style of life which now animates the old quais of Paris and a piece of its' history. Today there are approximately 100 ships moored along the banks of Paris representing more than a century of Belgian, Dutch, German and French navigation of inland waterways.

Situated in the immediate vicinity are the Hilton Hotel, Australian Embassy, Japanese Cultural Center and, recently, Maxim's on the River. Nearby, an open-air market is held twice weekly and many of the numerous boutiques, restaurants, bistros and historical sites which animate the neighborhood and give Paris much of its charm and character. All means of transportation to and from airports, train stations, EuroDisney, Versailles, etc., are readily available as is parking for private vehicles.


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